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Snow MX

  • A: Your Snow MX comes loaded with cool features. They are: a Safety Leash System, Steel Frame, Rear Kick Bar, Stomp Grip, a Twin Tip Board Design, Metal Edges, and a cool Bar Pad.

  • A: Yes! You should wear it! The leash is not a bad thing and you should wear it at all times around your ankle. If you wipeout or fall off your Snow MX while riding, the leash will prevent your Snow MX from becoming a runaway board and hitting someone else. At ski resorts they are very strict about this, and you must wear the leash at all times. It’s best to just make it a habit, like putting on a seatbelt.

  • A: We designed the Snow MX this way. When you aren’t blazing down a slope and need to travel on flat or uphill sections, remember that you can simply “walk” your Snow MX and push it by the handlebars. If you want, you can even ride it like a scooter by just keeping one foot on the platform and using the other foot to push you along. There is no need to carry your Snow MX. Since there are no bindings your feet are free to move, and you can easily glide past skiers and snowboarders.

  • A: Once you got your basic riding skills down you can mix things up a little. The Kick Bar is designed to make it easier to perform higher jumps and faster spins on your Snow MX. Gain big air and perfect your turns! So go on and give it a kick!

  • A: Here at Outer Edge we considered making the whole board metal, but that doesn’t make much sense. Who wants to lug around a solid metal Snow MX? Not us that’s for sure! So we did the next best thing and gave the Snow MX metal edges. This maintains the light weight design of the Snow MX so you have maximum speed when blazing down hills. The metal edges also add an extra level of durability and strength to the Snow MX board. With metal edges your Snow MX board can easily carve in and out of snow and turn with less effort!

  • A: Nobody likes slippin’, especially us here at Outer Edge. Its pretty simple really, we basically decided not to make the rear board smooth. This is the board you stand on and is bound to get slippery and icy with snow. The stomp grip helps to solve that problem, so stop slippin’ and get a grip!

  • A: Yes you can, but not all resorts are familiar with the Snow MX. Some resorts are open to having the Snow MX on their slopes, while others allow limited or no access at all. Check our list at the Community page for resorts in the USA and Canada that allow the Snow MX on their slopes. This list is by no means complete, but should give you an idea of where you can go. If you are heading to a resort, make sure to always call ahead and ask if the Snow MX is welcome on their slopes. Make sure you are polite, even if they aren’t!

  • A: Of course! Enough talk, it’s time to get on your new Snow MX! Getting on a Snow MX is much like riding a BMX bike. You stand with one leg on each side of the frame while on the rear section of the Snow MX’s surface. Steering the Snow MX is done by shifting your weight from edge to edge using the same motion as skiing or snowboarding. Practice this motion on small hills at first to gain a feel for the Snow MX’s performance. One you feel comfortable, move to a bigger hill and pick up speed by carving faster and quickly shifting your weight from edge to edge.

    Here are some useful tips for riding your Snow MX:

    • Before going downhill, don’t point the Snow MX straight forward. Instead, point the front of the Snow MX to the left or right (perpendicular) to the slope.
    • Remember to use that safety leash and have it around your ankle.
    • When you are ready to do tricks try using the rear metal Kick Bar.
    • Remember to wear all proper safety gear and ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET.
    • It is important to remember that you need have your knees bent while riding your Snow MX. Your knees act as a suspension, therefore it is important to not stand up straight or lock your knees in place while riding.
  • A: Turning the Snow MX is much like turning while snowboarding or skiing, in that you shift your weight to control your turns. Once you have decided where you want to turn, turn the handlebars slightly to start the turn. When you begin to turn, straighten the handlebars so the entire Snow MX is aligned straight like a snowboard. Then push the outer edge of the rear of the Snow MX downhill and shift the weight of your inside leg to control the turn. Therefore your inside edge is the edge that the Snow MX will turn on.

  • A: If you are gaining a bit too much speed and want to slow things down a little you can reduce your speed by using the edges on the front and rear of your Snow MX like skiing or snowboarding. Much like doing a turn on your Snow MX, using your weight to turn your board and push down on your inside edge to dig into the snow. To stop, increase the turn of your Snow MX and carve deep into the snow on your inside edge lifting the front outside edge up off the snow. Also be sure to check out the Hockey Stop video here.

Snow Moto

  • A: Your Snow Moto comes loaded with cool features. They are: a Solid Steel Frame Design, Metal Snow Brakes, Snap Lock Tow Rope, Front Flex Suspension, an Adjustable Seat, and a Twin Tip Ski Design

  • A: The Snap Lock Tow Rope allows you to be attached to a snow mobile while riding. This allows your Snow Moto to be pulled up hill with ease!

  • A: No, most ski resorts do not allow GT type devices such as the Snow Moto on their slopes. Some ski resorts may have terrain parks where your Snow Moto may be able to be used. The best place to ride your Snow Moto is on a toboggan hill. Check out for a hill near you!